Junior Page

The Bible Stories Creativity Book


Format: Paperback

Publisher: -

EAN: 9781438003191

Christian parents will love reinforcing the lessons of the Bible with this new Creativity Book from Barron's. Children will enjoy solving puzzles, drawing and creating their own biblical sticker scenes as they learn the stories of Jesus' miracle or baby Moses' journey in the basket. Barron's imaginatively interactive Creativity Books are great for keeping kids occupied anytime.Their features include: Games, puzzles, and fun-to-answer quizzes Sticker sheets and an illustrated fold-out page for sticker decorating Stencil sheets and pages for coloring Special pull-out art paper and art projects to complete High quality pages and spiral binding to handle heavy usage Each Creativity Book has a distinctive theme to capture the imaginations of boys and girls. Illustrations on virtually every page include 40 pages in color.

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