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MK Sticker Playbook : Wheels on the Bus


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Format: Board Book

Publisher: Miles Kelly

EAN: 9781782097877

Perfect for folding out on the floor, young children will enjoy playing and learning with Sticker Playbook The Wheels on the Bus, one of our top sticker books for toddlers.

The Wheels on the Bus rhyme is retold across both sides, alongside lively and colorful illustrations to will encourage children to read. Kids can interact with the text using the stickers, which include sandcastles, ice creams and children playing. The sticker activities cover words, colours, shapes and numbers, offering a wide range of learning for preschool children. Both long concertina pages feature wonderfully detailed illustrations by Hannah Wood for young children to explore.

Rhyme extract from Sticker Playbook The Wheels on the Bus:

The wipers on the bus go 'Swish, swish, swish,

Swish, swish, swish... swish, swish, swish!'

The wipers on the bus go 'Swish, swish, swish!'

All day long!

Fun word, colour, shape and number activities for kids:

• What time does it say on the clock? Place the correct time in the space.

• What shape is the bus stop sign? Find the right shape that matches the sign.

• How many clouds can you see? Count the number of clouds and find the correct sticker.

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