Junior Page

Detective Conan : A Modern-Day Sherlock Holmes

Gosho Aoyama

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Shogakukan Asia

EAN: 9789810795672

New Kid (Detective) on the Block!Jimmy Kudo is a reputed high school detective whose keen powers of observation and astute intuition has helped the police to crack the toughest of cases! Hot on the trail of some suspicious characters, he stumbles onto a shady deal in progress and is ambushed by two men in black, who feed him a strange substance that shrinks him into a kid! Now trapped in the body of a grade-schooler, he takes on the pseudonym “Conan Edogawa” and begins to track down the mysterious syndicate responsible for changing him. However, it isn’t long before new cases turn up that would require the pint-sized sleuth to do what he does best – solve the unsolvable!

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