Junior Page

Detective Conan : Mansion of Horror

Gosho Aoyama

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Shogakukan Asia

EAN: 9789810795689

Ace high school detective Jimmy Kudo was ambushed by a pair of men in black and fed a mysterious substance that shrunk him into a kid! Trapped in the body of a grade-schooler, he takes on the pseudonym “Conan Edogawa” as he continues his quest to track down the syndicate responsible and find a cure… all while solving other cases along the way!Mansion of HorrorConan must contend with the murder of a man who burns to death while the prime suspect has the perfect alibi; he helps a seemingly innocent girl look for her missing father; and he still has time to explore a haunted house with some of his new friends from elementary schoool! All the clues are there, and it’s up to the pint-sized detective to find them and solve the case!

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