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Horrible Science: The Fight For Flight

Nick Arnold (author) and Tony De Saulles (illustrator)

Humans aren’t designed to fly. That’s why the first people to try it came to a very sticky end! (And that’s why this is a Horrible Science book!) But after centuries of death-defying stunts, blood-curdling blunders and fearsome flops, people have finally taken to the skies!

Read on to discover:

- how to build a flying saucer

- which brave bird-men flew on feather wings

- how the zeppelin Hindenburg burned to a crisp in just 34 seconds

- why brave pilots flew faster than sound. Boom!

- which perilous plane was made of piano wire

- what happened to the world’s first flying sheep

A book stuffed with hair-raising heights, dizzying drops, terror, tears, triumphs – and squishy bits. It’s fearsome fun! Just don’t forget your parachute!

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