Junior Page

Horrible Science: Sounds Dreadful

Nick Arnold (author) and Tony De Saulles (illustrator)

Science to make you scream with laughter – and stop your teacher from bashing your ears! If you can stomach the squishy side of science without squealing, read on to give yourself the ultimate test. Lift the piano lid on noise and get ready to hear:

- why farts are so loud

- how singers turn music into glass-smashing vandalism

- how church bells can make your nose bleed

- how sound makes your eyeballs shiver in their sockets

- how noise can stun and even kill you (and not just your teacher’s droning voice!)

- how your dad’s awful CD collection could help to catch a crook

From sonic sound guns that leave you dashing to the loo to the nasty noises of the wildest wild animals, it all sounds dreadfully exciting!!

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